Multi-risk Insurance Housing

Examples of coverage multi-risk insurance Housing: 

-Fire, Mechanical Action of lightning and Explosion
-Land subsidence
-Water damage
-Non-Contractual Liability
-Demolition and removal of Debris
-Falling aircrafts
-Shock or Impact of ground vehicles
-Accidental spillage of oil
-Accidental Breakage of glass or Fixed Mirrors, vanity Sinks and Sanitary stone
-Falling or breaking Antennae
-Breakage or Damage Apar. Intrusion detection or alarms
-Fall or breakage of solar panels
-Accidental fall of Trees
-Home assistance
-Temporary Change (Content)
-Priv. Temp. Local use Leased or Occupied (content)
-Damage to property of the Landlord (content)
-Damage to Goods of domestics (content)
-Deterioration of Chilled Goods (content)
-Personal Risk (Content)
-Electrical Risks in 1st Risk (content)
-Cosmetic damage (building)
-Electrical Installation (Building)
-Damage to gardens, Walls and fences (building)


-Strikes, riots and public policy changes
-Acts of vandalism or malicious


-Accidental Damage (Content)
-Computer Equipment (Content)

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