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We have various offers with regard to health insurance:


Dental health;

Hospitalisation + Outpatient Care;

Hospitalisation + Outpatient Care + Childbirth;

People over 65;

Health insurance helps you complement the medical services provided by the National Health Service (SNS) and makes it easier to prevent health costs in the event of illness or accident.

With all plans (except dental health and people over 65) you can also take out additional cover for serious illnesses in Portugal (€1,000,000).

How health insurance works

Health insurance can work under one of three schemes:


Direct Provision Scheme (Network)

Under this scheme, the insured person(s) use(s) healthcare from a pre-defined network of medical providers.

In this case, each insured person is given a card which must be presented at each medical provider when each medical act is carried out.


Reimbursement Scheme

Through the Health Insurance scheme, the insured person(s) can use the health care of medical providers who do not belong to an agreed network.

In this case, the expense must be sent to the Insurer for reimbursement up to the limit of the contracted capital, minus the respective co-participation which is borne by the insured person.


Mixed Network / Reimbursement Scheme

This scheme is characterised by being a mixture of the two schemes presented above.


Choose the scheme that best meets your healthcare needs, whether you are a family member or a group of company employees.


For an individual (or household) quote under the Direct Provision Scheme (Network), please use the "Request a Quote" questionnaire, for a quote under one of the other schemes please contact us.

For a quote from a health insurance company under any of the schemes, please contact us so that together we can design the insurance plan you require.

Health insurance can be taken out with any of the insurance companies described below that offer the best conditions for the client. Through AMC Mediação de Seguros, which has been given the necessary powers by the insurance companies to sign the contracts and collect the premiums. AMC Mediação de Seguros does not cover the risks, which are fully assumed by the insurance company where the contract is signed.

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